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22 августа 2015, 23:15

Oura Wearable Computer Helps Keeping you in best Shape

oura wearable computer (4)

With the Oura wellness computer on your finger and the dedicated app installed on your smartphone, you can organize your lifestyle better in order to improve performance. Oura focused on your sleep habits and monitors your heart rate, body temperature, respiration rate, your movement, the duration and intensity of your activities, and how long you’re sitting.

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oura wearable computer (9)

The ring-shaped wearable computer communicates with the app on your phone to display the data so you can see how your sleep quality influences your daily activities. Using proprietary technology and algorithms, the ring tracks the deep sleep, REM sleep, light sleep, and periods of wakefulness, using the data to create nightly sleep profiles.

oura wearable computer (6)
oura wearable computer (5)

Read more about Oura and pre-order it in glossy black or white from Kickstarter for $229. The Dramatic Stealth Black Edition costs $399. The ring comes with a box charger and a micro USB cable.

Source: http://www.ladiesgadgets.com/oura-wearable-computer/